About me

Anya is an established mosaic artist working in and around the Cotswolds. As well as producing a constant stream of gallery and bespoke creations, she frequently shares her skills by working as a community artist with children in local schools and with disadvantaged adults.

Her past studies in environmental engineering and passion for the environment greatly inform her work, which makes extensive and deliberate use of recycled material, from wood off-cuts to broken crockery. This approach is greatly encouraged in her public workshops where participants are invited to bring found or broken objects to include in the creation of new works of art.

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6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Anya, thanks for message. The more people who see my mosaics the better so please carry on. I have a solo mosaics exhibition at Fishbourne August 5th – 28th 2014 I shall be there on some Fridays.

    • Amazing… I had some of my work as part of a BAAM exhibition several years ago. A solo exhibition is very impressive. I will try and stop by and say hello next August on a Friday

  2. Hello Anya.

    I make mosaics too – I bought some china from a man at a car boot sale in Bath, where I’m based and I told him I was going to break it up for a mosaic. He told me that he sold china to a mosaic artist based in Swindon called Anya, so I googled you! Always lovely to see someone else working away at mosaics. You are doing great things – the wall in India is amazing!
    I have a website too http://www.shardenfreude.com if you have a moment to look. Not so interesting as yours though! Perhaps we will bump into each other some time – will you be at the BAMM conference in September?
    Anyway – good luck with all your ventures and happy mosaicing!


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