The Last Week

I loved visiting Fresh Air 2013 and in particular loved looking at my student Judy Francis’s work!


It’s the last week so I thought we should fit in a bit more of an in depth photo post of what’s been happening. Featuring many ‘birds and bees’ to fit in the Pool House theme.



The show has been carrying on as usual, everyone rather stunned after the huge number of people that descended on the show on Saturday and Sunday! But it’s been sunny for most of the days, and busy regardless of the weather. I came across a gorgeous Scarlet Tiger Moth on the gravel this morning … unfortunately the hungry swallows in Robert’s garage have seem to have stolen one of its wings, but I put it safely on a plant away from the dogs, people and lawn mowers – I’m one of those people that can’t walk along a path without moving helpless snails etc out of the way of people! Haha


So once safely…

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